Roger Ebert's Twitter Feuds

Jeff Ruymen/NewsCom

The 69-year-old critic has become Hollywood's No. 1 provocateur online.

Bam Margera
On June 20, the Jackass star called Ebert a "piece of shit" after he wrote, "Friends don't let jackasses drink and drive," following co-star Ryan Dunn's death in a high-speed car crash. Ebert later admitted it was "probably too quick to tweet."

Andrew Breitbart
In April, Ebert debated the pundit over the doc Grizzly Man and its subject, Timothy Treadwell. Breitbart called the film the best "inadvertent exploration of [the] progressive, leftist mind." "Huh?" Ebert wrote, "Treadwell was universally deplored as unhinged, and condemned for leading his girlfriend to death."

Sarah Palin
Ebert has reserved his most venemous tweets for the former vice presidential candidate. "How many Presidents have needed a teleprompter less than Obama?" he asked March 2. "How many ex-governors have needed one more than Palin?"

Charlie Sheen
On March 2, Ebert tweeted, "I could get a million followers like Charlie Sheen did, but my wife would leave me and I'd be a poor lonely sap like he is," prompting Sheen to snap back, "Yeah, you really don't know lonely til you've gone to town on 5 chicks at once."

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