Roger Stone Offers Advice On How to Dress for Court in Bizarre Video Featuring 30-Year-Old Suit

Courtesy of Barbara Nitke/Netflix

The Trump associate said he didn't want to dress in one of his "double-breasted Saville Row English suits" claiming he is currently "dirt poor."

On Thursday, conservative news outlet Daily Caller published a video on its YouTube account of former Trump campaign adviser Roger Stone where he is depicted telling viewers how to dress for a day in court. 

In the video, Stone introduces himself saying, “I’m Roger Stone and I’ve always believed that the clothes make the man.” The self-proclaimed DC trickster has always been known for his over-the-top fashion choices, which have included patterned suits and top hats. He even wrote a book referring to his own fashion choices entitled Stone's Rules: How to Win at Politics, Business and Style.

“I did not want to dress today in one of my double-breasted Saville Row English suits," continued Stone, "because it would be a little too wealthy looking and I’m dirt poor at this point, having been destroyed financially by a two-year inquisition by Robert Mueller and his partisan hit squad.”

The video is a little over three minutes long and is full of Stone's odd reasoning for why how one dresses for court should be taken into consideration. 

The Trump associate goes on to describe the suit and accessories he is wearing in the video: A custom-made suit that’s 30 years old that was made by British tailor Richard James, double cuff links, a pocket square and a blue silk tie.

Stone, who has long been an admirer of President Richard Nixon (the same day he was arrested The Nixon Foundation put out a statement distancing themselves from the controversial figure), also mentions that he cannot mimic the former president's famous V sign in a double-breasted suit, instead saying “you have to do it in a single-breasted suit.”

Stone, who was arrested last Friday at his home in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, is currently facing a seven-count indictment — which includes lying to Congress, witness tampering and obstruction of justice — for his involvement in Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential campaign. 

The same day as the style video appeared online, prosecutors for the Justice Department revealed they have gained evidence from his iCloud and email accounts dating back several years. 

On Jan. 29, the Trump associate pleaded not guilty to all seven charges brought on by Robert Mueller’s special counsel. He will appear in a DC court Friday afternoon. Watch the video below.