Rogers takes MySpace mobile in Canada


TORONTO -- Expanding its partnership with U.S.-based MySpace, Canadian wireless phone giant Rogers Communications on Monday said it will offer a version of the popular social networking site to its cell phone subscribers.

As part of an exclusive deal, Toronto-based Rogers said it will launch a MySpace subscription service for a $4.95 monthly fee as part of its MY5 service for mobile customers.

A spokesman for Rogers said that extending MySpace to young cell phone subscribers is aimed at serving Canada's roughly 4.1 million users of the site.

Rogers, Canada's largest cable company and wireless phone provider, offers a host of additional subscription services targeted at young cell-phone users, including music downloading.

The cable giant recently acquired five Citytv over-the-air TV stations, which also skew young, from CTVbellglobemedia for CAN$375 million ($350.5 million).