Rogers Uses FX Canada Deal To Secure Fox Series

Randy Holmes/ABC

Canadian broadcaster Rogers Media hopes access to Fox TV shows on FX Networks as part of its deal for FX Canada will strengthen its hand at the Los Angeles Screenings.

TORONTO - The launch of FX Canada on November 1 will do more than cement the U.S. cable network’s profile in the Great White North.

The agreement between FX Networks and Rogers Media aims to give the Canadian broadcaster more buying muscle at next year’s Los Angeles Screenings by opening up exclusive access to Twentieth Century Fox series that air on FX stateside.

“The partnership with Fox will pay off, and we’ll be talking to them on a regular basis and it’s the start of something long term,” Rogers Media president of broadcasting Scott Moore insisted.

Rogers Media at the most recent Los Angeles Screening acquired a handful of titles from Twentieth Century Fox, including Terra Nova, The Playboy Club and the comedy Last Man Standing.

Those purchases were made possible because Shaw Media, which maintains an output deal with Twentieth Century Fox, pulled back on its own expenditures on new and returning U.S. network series at the L.A. Screenings.

A spokesman for Shaw Media on Monday said its current primetime line-up is unaffected by the FX Canada agreement, “and we continue to have a great relationship with Fox."

For his part, Rogers Media’s Moore expects to bolster his network’s relationship with Fox, and rival Hollywood studio suppliers, all of whom have embraced another major Canadian buyer after CTV and then Canwest Global Communications Corp. dominated the L.A. Screenings in recent years through output deals.

“We’ve become aggressive and the studios in Los Angeles have been excited that there is a now a third buyer of U.S. content,” he said.

Moore also scoffs at criticism that Rogers Media paid too much for new U.S. series during the recent L.A. Screenings to retool its Canadian primetime lineup.

“We didn’t overspend. We spent a lot less than people thought we did. We did some smart deals that allowed us to get some great programming at decent prices. I’d be happy to compare prices down the road,” he said.

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