Roku Removes Alex Jones' InfoWars After Users Protest

Alex Jones Serious - Getty - H 2018
Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Following Roku's announcement that it would feature InfoWars on its platform, the hashtag #boycottroku began trending on Twitter.

Hours after Roku announced that it was going to carry Alex Jones' controversial website InfoWars, the streaming platform reversed its decision, citing user backlash.

"After the InfoWars channel became available, we heard from concerned parties and have determined that the channel should be removed from our platform. Deletion from the channel store and platform has begun and will be completed shortly," Roku tweeted Tuesday night.

Following Roku's announcement that it would feature the right-wing site on its platform, the hashtag #boycottroku began trending on Twitter. Actress Debra Messing was among those who posted with the hashtag on Tuesday; several social-media users pointed to InfoWars' history of spreading conspiracy theories as their reason for resisting Roku's adoption of the site.

The introduction and subsequent removal of Jones' website on the platform came months after InfoWars and its content was removed by YouTube, Facebook, Spotify, Vimeo and Apple Podcasts for hate speech and other violations of platform rules of conduct. While Apple, YouTube and Spotify all cited hate speech as reasons for removing Jones' content, Facebook also noted that the channel glorified violence.

In August, Twitter also restricted Jones' personal account for seven days following tweets that contained "a broadcast in violations of our rules," according to a spokesperson for the platform. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has defended the company's decision not to ban Jones and InfoWars from the platform, saying, "We're going to hold Jones to the same standard we hold to every account, not taking one-off actions to make us feel good in the short term, and adding fuel to new conspiracy theories."