The Rolling Stones' 'Crossfire Hurricane' to Premiere on HBO

Mick Jagger 53rd Annual GRAMMY Awards - P 2012
Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Mick Jagger 53rd Annual GRAMMY Awards - P 2012

The film, which documents the rock band's career highs and lows, will air Nov. 15.

A new Rolling Stones documentary, Crossfire Hurricane, will debut Nov. 15 on HBO while the band celebrates its 50th anniversary with rumored concerts in London and Brooklyn, N.Y.

Crossfire Hurricane -- the title Stones fans may recognize as a lyric from the song "Jumping Jack Flash" -- features footage from the Mick Jagger-fronted group's storied history on the road as young rock rebels to Keith Richards' 1977 arrest in Canada for heroin possession to the recent tours that showed the aging rockers still going strong.

The film, directed by Brett Morgen, "gives the audience an intimate insight, for the first time, into exactly what it’s like to be part of the Rolling Stones, as they overcame denunciation, drugs, dissensions and death to become the definitive survivors. It’s the backstage pass to outdo them all," said a release.

SOURCE: Rolling Stones to Play London, Brooklyn in November

Jagger, Richards, Charlie Watts, Ronnie Wood and ex-Stones Billy Wyman and Mick Taylor offer contemporary insights in interviews for Crossfire.

Here's Jagger's response to a question on what set the Stones apart from other groups: "A chemical reaction seems to have happened.” To which Richards responds: "You can't really stop the Rolling Stones, you know when that sort of avalanche is facing you, you just get out of the way."

The movie will also be released in select theaters in the U.K., and broadcast on BBC 2 later in the year.

Eagle Rock Entertainment in London is the film's distributor, while Tremelo Productions and Milkwood Films are the producers.

If Billboard's sources are correct, an HBO premiere would coincide with Stones concerts at Brooklyn's Barclays Center and London's O2 arena in November. The band last toured in 2007, and the concert dates would celebrate their hallmark 50th anniversary.