The Rolling Stones Update iTunes Store, Remaster Albums

Rolling Stones PR black and white 2012 P

All of the band's albums, live releases and singles are now available for purchase at the online retailer. Studio recordings have also been remastered specifically for iTunes.

Continuing the celebration of their 50th anniversary as a band, the Rolling Stones have announced a new section of the iTunes Store dedicated exclusively to their music.

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There, fans will be able to purchase all of the Stones' studio albums, live releases, and singles, from the band's self-titled debut to such classics as Beggars Banquet, Sticky Fingers, and Exile on Main St., each re-mastered for iTunes.

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The store also features other items including the Rolling Stones 50 eBook, a Rolling Stones app, and multiple documentaries on the band including Charlie Is My Darling-Ireland 1965, Ladies and Gentlemen: The Rolling Stones, Rock and Roll Circus, and the award-winning doc Crossfire Hurricane.

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