Rolling Stones to Play Surprise Thursday Night Gig in Paris

Rolling Stones PR Image Group - H 2012
Mark Seliger

Rolling Stones PR Image Group - H 2012

The performance will serve as a warm-up for the band's four concerts in London and New Jersey later this year.

LONDON - The Rolling Stones on Thursday announced a surprise Paris appearance that will serve as an intimate warm-up performance for their four concerts in London and New Jersey later this year.

"The Rolling Stones are playing a short warm-up gig tonight, Thursday 25th Oct, in Paris," the legendary band said on Twitter.

French newspaper Le Parisien reported that the gig would take place at the 700-seat Trabendo theater. Reports said that only 360 tickets were for sale, with the rest of the seats being filled with invited guests. The show was expected to last about 30-45 minutes, French media said.

French media reported that fans got in line early in the day to get 15 euros ($19.50) tickets - much cheaper than tickets for the four 50th anniversary concerts - starting at noon at a Virgin Megastore location the French capital's famous Champs Elysees boulevard. With many leaving empty-handed, some French reports mentioned fan criticism in France about the high cost of tickets for the tour.

"Doors open at 8pm," the band said about the Thursday night gig on Twitter. "Mobile phones, cameras, video equipment and recording devices are strictly prohibited."

The Stones are expected to play other similar small gigs ahead of the tour, which the band recently announced. It has led to record levels of ticket searches online.

Aurelie Godet in Paris contributed to this report.

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