Rolling Stones Won't Tour Until 2013, Says Keith Richards

Eric Charbonneau/Le Studio
Keith Richards

The news comes weeks after the announcement of a 50th anniversary book celebrating the rock group would be on shelves this summer.

Rolling Stones fans waiting for the rock group to hit the road in celebration of its 50th anniversary will have to wait just a little bit longer.

In an interview with Rolling Stone magazine, Stones member Keith Richards said that the band simply needs more time to prepare. "Basically, we're just not ready," Richards said.

He noted that a Stones tour in 2013 was far more likely. "I have a feeling that's more realistic," he said.

But Rolling Stone says that a possible reason for the tour delay is due to the guitarist's health, citing an appearance on NBC's Late Night With Jimmy Fallon in 2010 where Richards said, "You are looking at a very rusty Keith Richards right now. If you've been on the road for two years and suddenly you stop, you put it down for a little bit. And then a little bit longer and you say, 'I really got to catch up, man.' "

It is possible that the group could follow in the footsteps of Prince's recent concert run, with multiple dates at the same venue.

In addition to a potential 2013 tour, the Stones are hunkering down for several projects.

"I saw Mick [Jagger] on Saturday," Richards said. "He's going to be living in New York too for a while, so we're planning to get things going with the Stones again."

He added that the group could begin rehearsing as early as April.

"We'll just get the boys back together again then and maybe cut a side. I've got plenty in the locker here, but it's not on tape," he said.

Earlier this month, it was announced that a Rolling Stones 50th anniversary book would be released in July.

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