Rolling Stones on Trump's Election Win: "Everyone Outside the U.S. Is Kind of Mystified"

The Rolling Stones  - Getty - H 2016
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The Rolling Stones  - Getty - H 2016

"There will be some changes made. Hopefully they're going to be good ones."

Anyone still struggling to fully comprehend last week's presidential election results should not turn to the world's biggest rock stars for answers — they don't have them either.

"Everyone outside the U.S. is kind of mystified," Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger told the Associated Press in a new interview. "I'd say, that's the polite word."

The rest of Jagger's bandmates approached the reality of a Donald Trump presidency with only the sort of attitude that having seeing it all over the better part of the past decade will provide.

While guitarist Ronnie Wood said the election was "mind-blowing," he said he wasn't surprised by Trump's upset victory.

"We were all just shocked and stunned with the Brexit thing, and so I thought, 'Nothing's going to shock me now, for all I know Trump's going to get in.' Sure enough, he did," said Wood. "There will be some changes made. Hopefully they're going to be good ones."

Added drummer Charlie Watts: "I don't think he's gonna be as radical as he was coming into it. So I think a lot of what he says is going to be tempered down. Because if it isn't, it's gonna be a hell of bloody ride for four years."

Meanwhile, guitarist Keith Richards couldn't even comment. "It's a blank spot to me, I'm telling you ... I ain't going there," he said.

Watch the interview below.  

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