Marina de Tavira on What 'Roma' Oscar Nominations Have Meant for Mexico

Marina de Tavira is nominated for best supporting actress for her role of Sofia in the Alfonso Cuaron film.

Alfonso Cuaron's film Roma has been the talk of this year's awards season, receiving 10 Academy Award nominations, including best supporting actress for Marina de Tavira, who told The Hollywood Reporter that receiving the nom was "quite a surprise."

"I really was not expecting to be nominated myself," she said. "But I’m so grateful. I never thought that they would take the time to look at Sofia. I think it's a character that doesn’t pop out immediately in the film. … But I'm really grateful. There's no words."

The actress, along with breakout co-star Yalitza Aparicio, made history with their nominations, becoming the first Mexican actresses to both be nominated from the same film, with Aparicio receiving a best lead nomination for her role as Cleo.

Tavira spoke on what the historic nominations have meant for Mexico, saying, "The whole country was talking about that. All the news, and also all my fellow actors, friends. They felt like if it were their own."

She also discussed how the film has resonated with audiences, saying, "I'm really surprised by the way that people have been relating to the film."

"I can relate to it very much because it’s Mexico, because my family's story is very much like Alfonso’s story. My mom went through the same process as Sofia and Cristina, but I never thought that people all around the world will feel the same, and that's been beautiful. People come to us and say, 'Oh, you remind me of my mother or grandmother.' 'I remember this from my childhood,'" she said. "I think we all are grateful when we can relive things that we thought were gone forever."

Watch the video above to hear Tavira also discuss first meeting Cuaron and Aparicio, how she found out about her Oscar nomination and more.