Roman Polanski Extradition Case: Court Delays Decision Until Late October

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Roman Polanski

The Oscar-winning director was in a Polish court Tuesday, arguing the U.S. bid to extradite him should be dismissed.

A Polish court has postponed a decision in the extradition case against Roman Polanski until the end of October after hearing further arguments Tuesday.

The Oscar-winning director, dressed in a black suit and blue tie (seen in photos posted from the courthouse on Twitter), attended the hearing at the district court in the southern city of Krakow, where his lawyers submitted evidence based on official U.S. legal reports from Polanski's 1977 trial in California.

U.S. authorities are seeking Polanski's extradition over his conviction on having sex with a minor back then. Polanski pleaded guilty to having sex with a 13-year-old girl at a champagne- and drug-fueled photo shoot in Los Angeles.

Arguing that justice had long been served, the director's lawyers stressed that Polanski had pleaded guilty and served 42 days in jail, Polish radio reported. He had only fled U.S jurisdiction when details of a plea bargain he had struck with a judge leaked to the press and he feared the deal would not be honored.

Polanski first appeared before the court in February in Krakow, where he is preparing a new film based on a the Dreyfus Affair, a notorious story about an early 20th-century miscarriage of justice involving a Jewish French military office. After another appearance in April, the case was postponed to allow time for documents to be obtained from from U.S authorities.

Polanski is due to appear before the court again on Oct. 30, when the decision is expected.