Rome to charge to film in certain places

Trevi Fountain could cost $3,840 extra to shoot

ROME – Want to shoot a film using Rome as a backdrop? Get out your checkbook.

According to the Rome edition of the national daily newspaper Libero, the Rome city government will soon unveil a price list for the use of certain settings in the Eternal City. Among the offers: €1,000 ($1,280) to shoot a scene inside the Capitoline Museums, double that for shooting a scene at Circs Maximus or the sacred area around Largo Argentina, rising to €3,000 ($3,840) for shooting at Piazza Navona, the Spanish Steps, the Coliseum, or the Trevi Fountain.

Previously, daily shooting fees for films and various permissions where all that were required for using the Italian capital as a film set.

No word exactly when the new fees will go into effect.
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