Rome court favors RAI's Sacca

Head of RAI Fiction will be reinstate in job

ROME -- A Rome administrative court on Tuesday held up a ruling that requires RAI Fiction head Agostino Sacca to be reinstated in his job after being unfairly dismissed.

But the controversial Sacca may not be out of the woods, as RAI chief Claudio Cappon said he wants to fire Sacca all over again.

Sacca was put on forced hiatus last year, after phone taps showed Mediaset's Silvio Berlusconi -- who was at the time months away from a fourth stint as prime minister -- lobbying Sacca to give acting jobs to four would-be starlets. Berlusconi and Sacca are longtime collaborators.

The state broadcaster launched an internal probe that never made a ruling, and a regional court ruled two weeks ago that Sacca should be returned to his post after being kept in limbo for more than half a year. RAI appealed and, on Tuesday, the July 1 ruling was upheld.

But if Cappon has his way, Sacca will never return to his old office. The RAI president vowed to re-fire Sacca, saying there is evidence that Sacca was collaborating with RAI rival Mediaset on behalf of Pegasus, a production company associated with Sacca.