Rome Film Festival in Brief

A quick look at some of the films screening at this year's festival.

A Glimpse Inside the Mind of Charles Swan III
Directed by Roman Coppola

Charlie Sheen's "swaggering, clowning portrayal of Swan, a successful graphic designer with naked women on the brain, has likeable moments," wrote THR's Deborah Young. But it lacks "style, wit and originality."

Suspension of Disbelief
Directed by Mike Figgis

"Somewhere between a sophisticated erotic thriller and a homey British TV detective drama," wrote Young, the postmodern noir "is sure to completely satisfy no one." But sparks fly between Sebastian Koch (The Lives of Others) and Dutch actress Lotte Verbeek.

Goltzius and the Pelican Company
Directed by Peter Greenaway

A 16th century artist and his often-nude crew act out "the Six Sexual Taboos," starting with Adam and Eve, for the court of nobleman played by F. Murray Abraham. Lovely and puzzling, "it will arouse Greenaway fans but probably baffle general audiences," wrote THR's Jordan Mintzer.

Marfa Girl
Directed by Larry Clark

Clark's louche Texan characters wander around town, drink, smoke, get spanked, fornicate and philosophize about private parts and horny Mexican boys. "Both raw and soigne, capturing the sad beauty of Marfa," wrote Young.

Directed by 12 NYU students

James Franco (who also produced), Jessica Chastain and Mila Kunis star in a strange
biopic about Pulitzer Prize-winning poet C.K. Williams. The film's 12 writer/directors cleverly tell the story of his life through poems and biographical flashbacks. "It's a surprise that the 12 young cooks have produced a unified work," wrote Young.