Rome Film Festival to Open and Close With New Italian Comedies

Courtesy of the Rome Film Festival
'Soap Opera'

'Soap Opera' and 'Andiamo a quel paese' bookend the lineup

The Rome Film Festival has announced that two new Italian comedies will take prime spots at the ninth edition of the festival, representing some of the country’s more commercial talents. Soap Opera, by Alessandro Genovesi, will be the opening-night film, and Andiamo a quel paese, by Salvatore Ficarra and Valentino Picone, will close the festivities.

Soap Opera stars Fabio De Luigi and Cristiana Capotondi in an ensemble comedy focusing on the adventures of one building’s residents on New Year’s Eve. Milan’s Genovesi has had two box-office hits in Italy: The Worst Week of My Life and The Worst Christmas of My Life.

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Ficarra and Piccone’s Andiamo a quel paese is written and directed by the two Palermo comedians, who also star. Taking place in Sicily, the story follows two unemployed men who find a good potential sting when returning to their home city of Monteforte. The comedy duo have featured prominently in Italian TV shows for the past decade, as well as garnering several local box-office hits.

“These two recent Italian films bring new vitality to the soul of comedy and the spirit of the comic genre,” said Marco Mueller, artistic director of the festival. Both films will be released by Medusa Film in Italy.  

The full lineup of the Rome Film Festival will be announced on Monday, Sept. 29. 

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