Rome Film Festival: TV Series and Docs Added to Market

Rome Film Fest

MIA will be the first market to cover all sectors of the audiovisual industry.

Following the recent trend of TV series landing prime spots at Berlin and Toronto film festivals, Rome is taking the cue and expanding its annual market to include TV series, as well as videogames and documentaries.

“After the success of popular Italian TV series such as Gomorrah and 1992, we realized that Rome needed a market to adapt to the changing landscape,” said Lucky Red’s Andrea Occhipinti.

A key goal of the market will be to increase financing for Italian co-productions, which have been dropping in numbers over the years, while Italian productions were on the rise.

Under the new name MIA (International Audiovisual market), the first edition will be held Oct. 16 to 20 during the Rome Film Fest, directly after MIPCOM. “It’s a short flight from Nice to Rome,” said Occhipinti, hoping that many TV producers would add the extra leg to their trips.

A special “TV Days” event is dedicated to networking for TV series. A film financing forum will focus on the opportunities Italy provides to foreign productions. And a panel discussion will explore the relationship between cinema and videogames.

A new director of the market is expected to be announced this summer. Rome Film Festival, under the direction of new head Antonio Monda, runs Oct. 16-23.