Romney Aide Tells Reporters to 'Kiss My Ass' in Poland

Mitt Romney

Florida is home to the GOP's top contributors, with $8 million donated to re-election committees.

After the GOP presidential candidate avoided questions from traveling journalists, one of his assistants vented some frustration at those firing the inquiries.

Mitt Romney must really not be enjoying his trip abroad.

After a gaffe in which he accused London of not being ready for the Olympic Games, and then a speech in Israel in which he caused an international outrage by calling Palestinians culturally inferior to Israelis, the presumptive GOP nominee was this time sabotaged by a campaign aide's loose lips.

Politico and CNN report that, after the candidate made a visit to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Pilsudski Square in Warsaw, reporters shouted questions at Romney, and accused him of not being open to the press during the trip. In response, his aide Rick Gorka said, “Kiss my ass, this is a holy site for the Polish people. “Show some respect.”

Soon after, Gorka told reporters to "shove it."

CNN notes that he soon made apologetic phone calls, though Romney has still not held press availability since a short three question stint while outside the British Prime Minister's residence on Downing Street.

Meanwhile, First Lady Michelle Obama is also abroad, in London for the Olympics. President Obama attended fundraisers in New York on Monday.