Romney has early lead in ad spending


NEW YORK -- In terms of spending ad money at least, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney is leading all presidential candidates.

Romney placed 10,893 ads from Jan. 1-Oct. 10 -- the vast majority of them local TV spots -- according to Nielsen Monitor-Plus data released Monday. That’s far and away the most ads of any of the candidates. Nielsen Monitor-Plus said New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson is in second place with nearly 6,000 ads, followed by Sen. Barack Obama (4,293), Chris Dodd (2,960) and Hillary Clinton (2,192). The remaining candidates, including the rest of the GOP candidates, have placed much less than 1,000 spots.

Democrats have spent more money on campaign ads so far with 16,683 spots vs. GOP candidates’ 12,042. Most of the spots ran on TV, and 71% of them ran in the early caucus state of Iowa.

Online, John McCain has placed the most sponsored link impressions with 4.3 million to Kucinich for President Committee’s 1.8 million and Romney for President’s 1.7 million. All that data was for August.