Romney Sells 'Friday Night Lights'-Inspired Bracelets Despite TV Creator's Angry Protests

Mitt Romney Campaign Bracelets - H 2012
Romney Victory, Inc.

Mitt Romney Campaign Bracelets - H 2012

Though Peter Berg publicly slammed Romney's use of the catchphrase, the Republican candidate continues to stand by the "Clear Eyes. Full Hearts. Can't Lose." mantra.

Even as Mitt Romney's use of the Friday Night Lights catchphrase -- "Clear Eyes. Full Hearts. Can't Lose." -- sparks debate in Hollywood, the Republican presidential candidate continues to use the rallying cry in his campaign.

Most recently, Romney supporters received an email Monday offering a red, white or blue bracelet reading, "Clear Eyes. Full Hearts. American Can't Lose.," with a $10 donation to the campaign.

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"Everyone who knows Mitt well knows that he's the man you always want to have in your corner when times are tough. Now I'm asking you to stand in his corner by helping us secure a Republican victory on November 6th," the email reads, signed by Romney's wife Ann.

Romney's use of the beloved football mantra drew ire from series creator Peter Berg, who accused the candidate of plagiarism in a blistering letter first obtained by The Hollywood Reporter in October.

"Your politics and campaign are clearly not aligned with the themes we portrayed in our series," wrote Berg as he challenged Romney's repeated use of the phrase.

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But things really heated up when Buzz Bissinger, author of the book on which Berg's show was based, slammed the filmmaker as "childish and petulant" in a response issued to THR.

"He should be flattered that Romney is honoring his show. Obama tried to use the slogan as well but unsurprisingly was ineffective in getting the message across," said Bissinger.

Romney's response? To continue using the theme without apology.