Romney's Debate Notes Uncovered

Mitt Romney Mock Debate #12 (As transcribed and leaked by disgruntled waitstaff in the Denver Marriott)

ROMNEY CAMPAIGN MANAGER: Governor Romney, please begin with a 15-second introduction.

ROMNEY: Gosh, I'd be happy to. And first off, I would think you wouldn't want anyone to be president if they couldn't introduce themselves in less than 15 seconds. As a matter of fact, I've looked at all my past introductions, and my goodness, I have never introduced myself for longer than 15 seconds. For Pete's --

ROMNEY CAMPAIGN MANAGER: Time. Who would you nominate for the Supreme Court?

ROMNEY: I love America. I love the greatness of America. I love all 100 percent of America. I love the height of the trees in America. I love the majestic purpleness of America's mountains. The wavy amberness of America's grain. By golly, it reminds me of that old American song -- (singing) "Oh beautiful, for spacious skies -- "

ROMNEY CAMPAIGN MANAGER: Let's move on. You recently hinted you might forgo a salary as president. You've even suggested that an incentive-based payment system for the presidency might not be such a horrible idea. How exactly would that work?

ROMNEY: Easy. When the country wins, I win. If I reduce the deficit by a trillion, boom -- a billion of that comes back to me. If the Dow breaks 15,000, I take 2 percent off the top -- the standard maintenance fee. It'll all be reflected in the contract.

ROMNEY CAMPAIGN MANAGER: I'm sorry -- contract?

ROMNEY: The contract that outlines the job requirements, benefits package and compensation schedule of the Executive Branch.

ROMNEY CAMPAIGN MANAGER: You mean the Constitution?

ROMNEY: Mount Rushmore.


ROMNEY: Your earlier question. I would nominate Mount Rushmore to the Supreme Court. Kidding! But seriously, Mount Rushmore should be on the Supreme Court.

ROMNEY CAMPAIGN MANAGER: Did you watch the Emmys?

ROMNEY: Oh gosh, yes. Ann and I are avid television viewers. She likes Hamm and Baldwin. Must be that great hair and those matinee-idol good looks! (Laughs) Me, I prefer Ernst & Young.

ROMNEY CAMPAIGN MANAGER: Clint Eastwood made quite a stir at the convention. Does he want a job in your Administration?

ROMNEY: Honestly, I'm not sure. All he said is, he wants to yell at my cabinet.

Bleyer also is the author of Me the People: One Man's Selfless Quest to Rewrite the Constitution of the United States of America.

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