Ron and Bryce Dallas Howard Calling for Filmmaker Submissions With Canon (Exclusive)

Bryce Dallas Howard Ron Howard split

After helping five big names -- including Jamie Foxx and Biz Stone -- make shorts, the pair are calling on aspiring directors to submit their own work.

A lot has changed for Bryce Dallas Howard in the past year: She is a mother again, she starred in a critically beloved and Oscar-nominated film, and she's gone from short-film maker to valued adviser and instructor.

Numerically, it's a leap from 8 to 10 -- as in from Canon's Project Imagin8ion, to Imaginat10n.

Howard directed the short when you find me, inspired by eight user-submitted photographs chosen from 96,000 entries. The winners were chosen by her father, Oscar winner Ron Howard, who produced the short. It won acclaim for her stunning visuals and attention to detail -- which, in many cases, reflected visions of the photos directly.

"For me, it was such a gift of an opportunity," Bryce tells The Hollywood Reporter. "I mean, it was fantastic because it was done outside the industry, so it was a purely creative endeavor. And I feel so fortunate that I make my living being creative, but there are limitations in the world that I’m living in, and we’re constantly bumping up against those limitations and trying to push things past an edge so that we can evolve as an industry and evolve as an art form. What was so exciting about this is that it was really something that was genuinely unique."

Now she has a chance to help others do the same. In its second year, the project has extended to 10 short films. Five are being made by celebrities -- Eva Longoria, Jamie Foxx, Biz Stone, James Murphy and Georgina Chapman -- and five will be selected from user-submitted videos, be they from professionals or amateurs.

Bryce now has turned to teacher, recording webisodes that instruct aspiring filmmakers and planning on giving a tutorial at film schools. The contest will launch early next year, as digital filmmaking takes root.

"It’s definitely the direction that things are headed in, and I think it’s really positive," she says. "One of my really close friends from NYU is this incredible writer-director named Leslye Headland. She directed a film called Bachelorette, and it’s done sensationally on iTunes and on-demand, and I’m so excited for her -- and for us as an industry because we’re starting to see there is a very powerful home for certain kind of stories. It kind of goes back to what I was talking about before: We live in a business that has certain kind of limitations that people talk about until someone pushes up against it and breaks through that wall, and there’s a whole new set of rules. And that’s part of the reason I love being in this industry, because you can reinvent the wheel."

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