Ron Howard, Brian Grazer Look for New Studio, Financing for 'Dark Tower'

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

The duo must put off the Stephen King project by at least a year, but also still plans to go ahead with a TV spin-off, potentially even via Netflix.

NEW YORK - Ron Howard and Brian Grazer are looking for new ways to distribute their Dark Tower project following Universal’s decision last month to cancel the screen adaptation of the Stephen King book series.

Producer Grazer told the New York Post's Page Six that it will have to be put off until at least next year, but that director Howard is “trying to get outside financing to make it, and distribute it through a major [studio].”

The horror Western project was planned to include three movies and a spin-off TV series. Grazer said the duo still plans to go ahead with the TV spin-off via TV networks or even Netflix.

The project still has Javier Bardem attached to star as gunslinger Roland Deschain. “Ron is now going to be working on the Formula One racing movie Rush about Niki Lauda, so the soonest we could do it would be June next year,” Grazer told the Post about Dark Tower.