Ron Perlman on What Hellboy Would Say About Donald Trump and Plans for a Third (and Final) Film

Ron Perlman Hellboy Make-a-Wish - H 2012

Ron Perlman Hellboy Make-a-Wish - H 2012

"I know what Guillermo [del Toro] has in his head for the third film, and it’s bad-ass," the actors tells THR.

Hellboy fans know all too well that Ron Perlman and his bad-boy, red-skinned character have never been known to pull punches. So when Perlman sat down with The Hollywood Reporter at the Guadalajara Film Festival on Sunday, he had a few choice words for GOP frontrunner Donald Trump. The outspoken actor also talked about why he feels obligated to finish the Guillermo del Toro-directed superhero trilogy.

Does it seem even slightly odd to you that Hellboy 3 can’t get made, given the character’s large fan base and the fact that we are living in a day and age of so many superhero films?

Yes, but it would cost a lot of political capital because it never really was a blockbuster, so you’d be mounting a case for doing a film for the sake of doing a film. And you can make the case that the other Hellboy films broke even and then some, but people are interested in movies that are going to make a billion dollars. I feel like the effort it would take would be like a Don Quixote exercise, and I’m not sure if there is enough will left by the powers that be to mount that campaign.

But what if it was approached like Deadpool, with a really clever marketing strategy — wouldn’t that work?

When there’s a will, there are many ways. But all that’s theoretical until it gets greenlighted. I’ve been watching [the talk] on social media about how they released an R-rated movie like Deadpool and how that opened the floodgates for other R-rated movies, which is the most absurd f---ing discussion I’ve ever heard in my life. Dude, just make a movie the way you’re supposed to and stop second-guessing about what you think is proper for an audience. My problem with cinema these days is how reverse-engineered it is, how a project is conceived for the very fact of how much it’s gonna do based on demographic research. That’s not why I make movies. My attitude is that if you do your job right, and you’re ballsy and original, and then you still don’t find an audience, then you need to pick yourself up, brush yourself off and do the next one. As an artist, you shouldn’t walk away from integrity. That’s what’s happening in our politics, our culture and our cinema.

Speaking of politics, what would Hellboy say about Donald Trump?

"I’d like to see you throw me out of one of your f---ing rallies! You never heard of the First Amendment? You run for the highest office in the land and you’re a disgrace. Bring it, bring you and that bald f--- who throws people out!"

So how optimistic are you that Hellboy 3 will get made?

I never ever give up hope on something that is as good an idea as this. I’ve spent a lot of political capital on this because I think it’s important. It has to do with the fact that it’s a trilogy. We’ve asked an audience on two occasions to buy into Hellboy, and it was set up to have its promised ending. So we are obligated as filmmakers to give it to the audience. I don’t care if it’s an $8 million indie film, let’s just finish the trilogy. I know what Guillermo [del Toro] has in his head for the third film, and it’s bad-ass.