Ron Tutor fires back at David Durkin

Says the court should get everything from David Bergstein

Ron Tutor has returned fire at federal bankruptcy court trustee David Durkin who wants him to talk about his role in five companies run by his sometime business partner David Bergstein which are the subject of an involuntary bankruptcy action.

Tutor, in a legal filing, says he sold his interest in R2D2, the one company in the action which he did own at one time, more than 15 months before the bankruptcy action; and that he is now merely a lender to several of the affected entities.

Tutor says the court can and should get everything from Bergstein, who in the bankruptcy filing is described "in detail as that the sole owner and manager" of the companies in the action.

Tutor essentially says it is not his problem if Bergstein doesn't want to talk, and that they should leave him out of it.

Tutor also says that since the court has not actually put the companies into bankruptcy, but is still studying the matter, having him deposed at this time may turn out to be a waste of time and money.
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