Ronald Reagan Biopic Heading to Cannes

Ronald Reagan

Just as Nixon indulged Presley, President Reagan presented a military-dressed Michael Jackson with an award on the South Lawn of the White House in 1984 in recognition of the performer's role in a national campaign against drunk driving.

The $25 million movie, "Reagan," is produced by Ralph Winter and Mark Joseph from a script by Howard Klausner.

The filmmakers behind a feature film about the life of Ronald Reagan said Tuesday that they have struck a foreign sales agreement for all territories outside of the U.S. with Manifest Film Sales, a division of Intandem Films.

The $25 million film, called Reagan, previously inked a deal for a U.S. release on 3,000 screens and $35 million in prints and advertising, and Manifest Film Sales will commence international sales for the movie at the Cannes Film Market this month,the filmmakers said.

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Reagan is being produced by Mark Joseph, a producer on the upcoming Jerry Lewis film Max Rose, and Ralph Winter, a producer on some of Fox’s X-Men movies and the upcoming The Giver from The Weinstein Co.

Reagan will be made from a recently completed script by Howard Klausner, who co-wrote the Clint Eastwood film Space Cowboys. The story is told from the perspective of a KGB agent whose job was to keep tabs on the future U.S. president for decades, beginning with his time as a leader in the Screen Actors Guild.

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The script is based on two best-selling books by author Paul Kengor -- God and Ronald Reagan: A Spiritual Life and The Crusader: Ronald Reagan and the Fall of Communism.

“I’ve been very pleased to see the script develop in a manner that is faithful to my books and ultimately to history,” Kengor said.

“Reagan achieved extraordinary things during his lifetime -- many of which are yet untold and will astound audiences worldwide,” said director of Manifest Film Sales Andrew Brown. “The former president triumphed over tyranny without firing a single shot.”