Ronald Reagan's Daughter Writes Open Letter to Hillary Clinton: "Don't Respond to Donald Trump's Bullying"

Patti Davis Hillary Clinton - Split - H - 2016
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"Please act like the adult here," Patti Davis writes in a note posted to her official site. "America is starved for some show of dignity in this election year, and you are the only one who can provide it."

Patti Davis, author and daughter of former president Ronald Reagan, shares her thoughts on Hillary Clinton's run for office in an open letter to the Democratic nominee.

In a note posted to her official site Wednesday, Davis urges Clinton to change the focus of her campaign from "out-bullying" Donald Trump to providing the dignity "American is starved for" this election.

"Lately it seems as if you and your running mate, Tim Kaine, are trying to out-bully Donald Trump. It appears to have started when he called you a bigot. I can understand how this would infuriate you," she writes. "But may I suggest that responding in kind by pointing out his racist tendencies is simply getting down into the mud with a mud-throwing bully? All that is accomplished is, you both get dirty."

Davis pleads with Clinton to "act like the adult here" and stop responding to Trump's "bullying." 

The author then offers words of advice for the presidential candidate's upcoming debates against Trump, noting that she has heard Clinton is preparing for them by practicing with several people pretending to be Trump's many different personalities.

"While it is true that debating Trump is bit like debating Sybil, I think it could be overwhelming to try and suss out all 16 personalities and come up with a game plan for each one," Davis writes, comparing the mogul to the character played by Sally Field in the TV miniseries Sybil, who suffers from multiple personality disorder.

"What about responding to every taunt and innuendo, every insult, with an encyclopedic knowledge of the facts and issues facing this country (and this world) today so that he will look like a buffoon no matter which one of his personalities emerges? You could easily make it seem like you showed up for a presidential debate and he showed up for a fight in the sandbox."

Davis ends the letter by recalling the first and only time she met Clinton in person, at her mother's memorial service. 

"The way you looked at me after my eulogy, the pride and the understanding in your eyes and the slight nod of your head signaling your approval was a small private moment between us, but it was a huge moment in my life," it reads. "I don't think many people have seen that side of you. I think they should."

Davis concludes, "You may be debating Sybil, but the consistency, comfort and knowledge of a parent who can responsibly lead our fractured country into more peaceful times will leave Sybil chattering among 16 personalities, none of which are capable of leading."

Read the letter in full here.