Ronan Farrow Says Some NBC Journalists "Anguished" at "Lies" From Executives

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Courtesy of CBS

The 'Catch and Kill' author continued his media tour on 'CBS This Morning' on Monday, explaining why he believes Matt Lauer's accusers despite the former 'Today' show host's denial of the claims.

As NBC executives continue to push back on the claims made in Ronan Farrow's upcoming book Catch and Kill, which details his efforts to report a story for NBC to expose Harvey Weinstein's alleged sexual misconduct and includes new allegations about former Today host Matt Lauer, Farrow says that a number of journalists at NBC have reached out to express their support for his reporting.

"There has been an outpouring of support from journalists at this company and sources coming forward saying they too have stories. That's very common. All of this is honestly very common with these kinds of investigative stories," Farrow said on CBS This Morning.

Toward the end of the interview, Farrow again expressed appreciation for the journalists at NBC, saying that some have expressed "anguish" over the "lies" being put forward by executives.

"On the NBC side, there are fantastic journalists at that company. The book is a tribute to them. Many of them are sources in this story. And they are anguished over what's happening right now and some of the lies that are being put out by their own corporate leadership and some of the executive interference in coverage," Farrow said.

Earlier, King referenced the "he said, she said" nature of the allegations against Lauer, noticed by observers, and asked how Farrow can know who's telling the truth.

And Farrow explained, from a legal standpoint, why he's able to believe Lauer accuser Brooke Nevils, who claims the Today host raped her.

"One of the transformations of recent years is that we've come to understand that actually, I come at this from a legal background, you can corroborate claims of sexual violence," Farrow said. "And Brooke Nevils' claim has been found credible, even by NBC News, which took the step of firing Matt Lauer and same by me and by the fact-checkers working on this. She describes an evening that matches up with the timeline given by others there. There were eyewitnesses before and after that moment. She described this event consistently over the years and it's telling that NBC News paid her a seven-figure settlement to ensure that she can't talk about what the network knew about this."

Farrow's CBS This Morning appearance comes as NBC News president Noah Oppenheim released a detailed memo taking issue with a number of the claims in Farrow's book. Farrow responded to Oppenheim on CBS This Morning as well. He also appeared on ABC's Good Morning America on Friday, where he defended his reporting and revealed that NBC News ordered a "hard stop to reporting" on Weinstein

Watch Farrow's full CBS This Morning interview below.