Ronda Rousey On Being Highest Paid UFC Fighter: "It's Fun to Say"

Courtesy of Michael Rozman/Warner Bros

Plus, Ronda talks about crying before her fights.

Ronda Rousey sat down with Ellen DeGeneres in an appearance that aired on Monday, and she talked about her experiences in the UFC.

"Now I'm the highest paid fighter in the UFC," confirmed Rousey.

"It's pretty cool," she said. "It's fun to say."

Rousey also talked about how she often gets emotional, admitting "I'm the biggest crier."

"Especially fight week when I’m about to fight I’m the most emotional," she told DeGeneres. "Like my last fight I like totally cried the day before that."

DeGeneres asked her if it was anxiety and Rousey explained, "You’re so amped up and it’s like every emotion that you could possibly have it happens during that week. It’s like the most stress, most anxiety, most pressure possible and then it’s the happiest you could possibly be. It’s all these things and it’s just sometimes you cant hold it in. It’s gotta leak out of somewhere why not your eyes?"

Watch the videos below and see Rousey fight Ellen executive producer Andy Lassner.

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