Ronni Chasen's Screenwriter Brother Tells NY Times His Theory of Publicist's Murder

Larry Cohen denounces dead suspect's involvement, points blame at road rage.

Hollywood screenwriter Larry Cohen, who is the brother of late publicist Ronni Chasen is speaking out about her murder.

Talking to The New York Times, Cohen, who has co-written B movies like 2007's Captivity and the 2008 remake of the 1974 horror film It's Alive, denounced speculation that deceased career criminal Harold Smith, who police deemed a person of interest in Chasen's murder, was involved in the November 16 shooting in Beverly Hills. Despite Smith bragging to neighbors that he was a hired hitman who carried out the murder, Cohen remains unconvinced.

"This guy was a deranged person who just made that up; no way he was involved," Cohen told the Times.

The murder investigation continues to unfold, but Cohen has his own theory on what happened, stating, "I still think this was most likely a case of road rage."

The Beverly Hills Police remain unsure as to whether or not the suspect was involved in the murder, with a department spokesperson announcing in a December 3 press statement: "Undercover officers attempted to contact a 'person of interest' (Smith) when he pulled a gun and took his own life. At this time, it is unknown if this individual was involved in the Chasen homicide."

Smith killed himself on December 1 as police detectives attempted to serve him a warrant at his Hollywood apartment concerning the slaying of the Hollywood publicist.