'The Room' Documentary Can Now Be Released After Injunction Lifted

Josh Brasted/Getty Images
Tommy Wiseau at a 2014 screening of 'The Room' (2003)

Rick Harper's 'Room Full of Spoons' tells the story behind the cult bad film and its creator Tommy Wiseau, who is also the subject of the upcoming James Franco-starrer 'The Disaster Artist.'

Room Full of Spoons, a documentary about the 2003 cult film The Room (known widely as the "Citizen Kane of bad movies" and the subject of A24's upcoming James Franco dramedy The Disaster Artist), is finally set to be released after an injunction was lifted by a Canadian judge. 

Rick Harper, a Toronto-based filmmaker and superfan of The Room, began making the documentary with the blessing of its director/producer/writer/star Tommy Wiseau. But Wiseau soon pulled out over creative differences. According to Harper, who spoke to The Hollywood Reporter earlier this year, Wiseau claimed that Room Full of Spoons — which not only interviews most of The Room's original castmembers, but traces its mysterious creator's Polish roots — infringed on his copyright. 

In June, Wiseau sought an injunction to prevent the showing of the doc, forcing Harper to suspend digital presales and remove its presence from the internet. 

But Ontario Superior Court judge Markus Koehnen last week dismissed all complaints, which also included claims that Room Full of Spoons mocked The Room and invaded Wiseau's privacy.

"The injunction has been lifted and we couldn't be happier," Harper told THR, adding that he was still trying to work with Wiseau toward a mutually beneficial understanding. "We look forward to finally sharing Room Full of Spoons with everyone!"

The judge's ruling lands at a fortuitous time, with interest in The Room reaching peak levels thanks to The Disaster Artist, which stars Franco (as Wiseau), Seth Rogen, Dave Franco, Josh Hutcherson, Ari Graynor, Bryan Cranston, Zac Efron, Jacki Weaver and Sharon Stone. The film, which is getting an awards-season push, is slated to bow Dec. 1 in limited release before spreading wide Dec. 8.