'Room' Star Jacob Tremblay Celebrated SAG Nom with "Banana Split and a Chocolate Fondue"

Jacob Tremblay - P 2015
Evan Agostini/Invision/AP

The 9-year-old actor was at the Dubai Film Festival when he heard the news.

Getting a Screen Actors Guild nomination is an achievement worthy of a multitude of celebrations, but leave it to a 9-year-old to do it in style.

Jacob Tremblay, the young star of awards-feted drama Room, was in Dubai when he heard he'd picked up a best supporting actor nomination on Wednesday, and celebrated in an indulgent fashion worthy of his surroundings.

"I had a banana split and a chocolate fondue," he told The Hollywood Reporter.

Room raised the curtain on the Dubai International Film Festival on Dec. 9, but just a few hours before he walked the red carpet, Tremblay was told the SAG news by his mom.

"My mum was looking at stuff and then she’s, like, ‘What!?!," he said, adding that his dad will be joining them in the Middle East on Saturday. "We're going to celebrate for four more days, and we're going to go to this big beach and a water park."

While Tremblay appeared rather calm about his sudden elevation as a major contender as awards season builds up steam, he did reveal that a win would help underline his career choice.

"I don’t have any trophies yet, I’m not good at sports," he said. "So acting, if I get trophies for acting then I kind of, like, say to myself, ‘If I’m good at acting them maybe I should be an actor.’"

Tremblay could add to his SAG nomination with a Golden Globes shortlisting on Dec. 10., a move he said would certainly delight one member of his family.

"My mum watches that all the time!"