Rooney Mara vs. Taylor Swift: Time For a Style Swap? (Poll)

Taylor Swift Rooney Mara - P 2013
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Taylor Swift Rooney Mara - P 2013

Could the Grammy-winning singer with super sweet style use some of the Dragon Tattoo actress's edginess -- and vice versa?

Sometimes the winds of change don’t blow very strongly on Hollywood's red carpets. Celebrities often find and adopt a style (from a stylist who creates it)  and then they stick to it, not experimenting very often with something other than their trademark silhouettes and colors. In a certain way, this repetition gives them a recognizable brand. But when it goes on for too long, their fashions can get predictable.

Case in point. Take Taylor Swift. The singer is renowned for her ethereal romantic feminine gowns, long hair worn up or down, pouty red lips and bangs. And at the New York 2013 Fragrance Foundation Awards, she stayed true to form with an elegant Emilio Pucci white halter gown with a tasteful touch of sheer at the bodice. She also wore Rene Caovilla shoes and Lorraine Schwartz jewelry. It was...expected.

By contrast, Rooney Mara still hasn’t jettisoned the edgy, androgynous style that she initially adopted when she was cast to play punk hacker Lisbeth Salander in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo in 2011. Spotted at the Los Angeles Film Festival premiere of Ain’t Them Bodies Saints, Mara wore a skimpy outfit that Salander would probably steal: a J. W. Anderson cropped black strapless top and a skirt that shows off a touch of bare tummy, with Jimmy Choo sandals and a Carrie Hoffman gold thumb ring. Yup, black again. And slicked up, plastered down hair. Again. 

Isn’t it time for these two talented performers to change things up a bit? We’d love to see Swift and Mara switch styles. 

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