"Rope. Tree. Journalist" Shirts Pulled After Image Goes Viral at Trump Rally

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images
Donald Trump stumping on the campaign trail.

A photo of the T-shirt, worn by a man at a rally in Minnesota over the weekend, went viral.

A shirt that implied lynching members of the media has been pulled by an online marketplace after the image of a man wearing one at a recent Donald Trump rally went viral.

The T-shirt, worn by a man at a rally in Minnesota over the weekend, states: "Rope. Tree. Journalist. Some Assembly Required."

Tweets of the shirt from reporters covering the event went viral. 

The shirts, sold on the website Zazzle, have been pulled, the company told The Hollywood Reporter in a statement.

"We've removed the items in question. Thank you for raising the issue. Zazzle is a marketplace so we rely on our community to maintain an open dialogue with us  thank you again for alerting us to these offensive items," according to the statement. 

The GOP presidential nominee has had his sights set on the media pretty much since he announced his candidacy. During every single rally, he points to media and tells the crowd how awful they are, often calling the journalists liars. 

In some instances, Trump has called out specific journalists both at rallies and over social media, which has led to online harassment.