Rosario Dawson's Bid: 'Sexy Vulcan' in 'Star Trek 2'

John Shearer/Getty Images For In Add Minus

Despite online campaign, Trekkie doesn't discuss part with J.J. Abrams or 'Unstoppable' co-star Chris Pine.

Rosario Dawson might desperately want to land a role in the next Star Trek movie, but she's going about it in a very backwards way.

Despite leading an online campaign to get in the movie, she hasn't brought it up with the director/producer J.J. Abrams, who she ran into again on a recent flight to L.A.

"We flew on the same flight together, but we ended up talking about politics and t-shirts," she told The Hollywood Reporter at the In Add Minus event in Los Angeles. "I'm trying to be cool about it."

The same went with shooting Unstoppable with Chris Pine (who plays Captain Kirk) -- not a peep until Pine brought it up while they were doing press for the movie.

"Then Chris asked me, 'Are you a Trekkie?' " she says. "That's when I geeked out on him. He was like 'word, wow, you are.' "

"But I was proud of myself for keeping it to myself."

Her hope is to keep "making the rounds" in an effort that the right people will know that she would be "one sexy vulcan."

Her next movie hasn't hurt either. She's starring in Girl Walks into a Bar, the first major motion picture made for the internet, with Zachary Quinto, also known as Mr. Spock.

"I'm working it," she says.