Rose Byrne, Nick Kroll Celebrate at 'Adult Beginners' Premiere

Rose Byrne Nick kroll - H 2015
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Rose Byrne Nick kroll - H 2015

The cast and crew mingled in anticipation of the release of the Mark Duplass-produced film.

After eight months on the festival circuit, the cast and crew of Adult Beginners will finally see their film hit theaters and iTunes on April 24. This Wednesday, stars Nick Kroll and Rose Byrne, along with the production team, hit the red carpet at the Arclight Hollywood for a night of celebration with friends.

“I brought this idea to Mark Duplass over three and a half years ago in his trailer, when we were shooting The League, and he immediately thought the idea could be a movie,” said Kroll, who wrote the story, produced, and starred in the film. “We’ve been working ever since then at bringing it to this point, so it’s pretty exciting.”

Adult Beginners stars Kroll as a failed tech investor who moves in with his sister (Byrne) and her husband (Bobby Cannavale) in upstate New York, and begins to babysit his three-year-old nephew to get by.

“I definitely think my siblings would rather have a 15-year-old girl take care of their child than me,” said Kroll to THR. “So I thought, that seems like a humorous version of a story to tell. So that was sort of the original idea. And then we put it together slowly, bit by bit, and brought it to this point. ”

The film is peppered with cameos from comedians Joel McHale, Jane Krakowski and Bobby Moynihan. Producer Paul Bernon told THR, “The first day we shot was Nick and Bobby Moynihan. Just watching the two of them riff, we could barely hold it in and not ruin the shot. The two of them are so funny. ”

Director Ross Katz also applauded the ensemble cast. “This is the most lovely group of actors, who came in for a day at a time, or six hours in the middle of the snow or in the middle of the ice, and gave us hilarious, wonderful performances,” he said.

Filming in the dead of winter created some memorable moments for the cast. They even experienced two days filming in a pool with a broken heater. “Rose is not only a great actor, but she also was game to f—ing get into a cold pool for two days. Jane Krakowski as well,"  Kroll told THR. "That was pretty trying. But overall it was a great experience. Everyone was doing it for the love of the game.”

The bond between the cast and crew was evident on the carpet, as everyone constantly stopped for reunions. “One of these things is you [obviously want] everybody to get along. It’s close quarters, it’s no trailers, and it’s very bare bones," Byrne told THR. "And we did, we did. We wanted to make a funny, great, relatable film, so hopefully we achieved that."

The afterparty, hosted at Wood & Vine, was an intimate affair where actors and producers mingled past midnight while sipping on Hanger One Mint Limeade cocktails and noshing on sliders and chicken and waffles. Guests at the party included Amy Poehler, Jenny Slate, Busy Philips and Matt McGorry.