Rose Byrne, Seth Rogen and James Corden Perform 'Lion King' Musical in an L.A. Crosswalk

Lion King Crosswalk Musical — H 2016

"The thrill of live theater and the thrill of death."

James Corden invited Neighbors 2 stars Rose Byrne and Seth Rogen to join him in a Lion King musical performed on a crosswalk in Los Angeles.

Byrne was extremely excited about the crosswalk performance and was cast as both Nala and Timon. Rogen was relegated to the role of "scenery, trees, birds, rocks" and other tiny parts.

"Why am I a tree?" Rogen asked Corden. "Honestly, I wasn’t expecting to do this at all, but now that I’m here, I feel like I could do a part with talking. Did you see the Steve Jobs movie?"

The Late Late Show host would not budge on the casting, and the group dressed up in costumes and jumped out on the crosswalk to sing popular songs from the Disney film, running back to the sidewalks when the light changed.

“The stakes are higher,” said Byrne, when asked how she felt about the production. “The thrill of live theater and the thrill of death.”

Corden yelled that if someone were to get hit by a car, technically he or she would be an animal and thus roadkill on any insurance documents. By the end of the musical, Rogen had impressed Corden, particularly with his performance as the moon.

Rogen, however, still was not entertained. "Did I enjoy it more than I thought I was going to? No," he said, deadpanning. "I probably enjoyed it less than I thought I was going to. Someone's going to get killed doing this, and then they'll be like, 'Why did we do that?' "