Rose Byrne's Ever Changing Hair Moods

Rose Byrne Cream Dress - P
Michael Kovac/Getty

In the space of four months, the "Bridesmaids" and "Damages" actress had four completely different hair styles - and four variations of brunette too.

Rose Byrne changes hair styles - and shades of brown - as often as other actresses and red carpet faves change heels.

The Bridesmaids villain and Damages heroine had wavy thick shoulder length hair in June. Then she got more blonde highlights. Then her hair got straighter. Then there were bangs. Then there weren't. By the end of the summer, the bangs were definitely becoming a heavier 1960's-style fringe.

This week, she showed up at a benefit in L.A. with a much darker brunette bob - of a much shorter length. It's full-on Louise Brooks!

We knew the 20's were back in vogue when we saw Marc Jacobs' spring 2012 collection!  

Both Boardwalk Empire and the upcoming film The Artist are also harkening back 20's jazz age style. And of course, Baz Luhrman of Moulin Rouge fame is in the middle of shooting a new version of The Great Gatsby.

We have to wonder - does Rose just love to change up her image - like most women - or are the hair extensions coming and going - like most actresses?

Have you noticed that Jennifer Aniston's hair changes lengths all the time? Kim Kardashian's? Sarah Jessica Parker's?

That's because they have hairdressers at their beck and call, who can add extensions, take them out, clip them in, cut a new look - it's one of the many benefits of being a celebrity. 

Your dress can take a backseat when you've got so many different hairstyles to pull out of a hat!