Rose McGowan, Elijah Wood, Lance Bass Answer Burning Questions During THR Facebook Chat

Elijah Wood Headshot - P 2014
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Elijah Wood Headshot - P 2014

The stars talk favorite projects, dream jobs and the props they still keep from set.

The Hollywood Reporter teamed up with Facebook to host a series of chats during the Sundance Film Festival, which allowed fans to connect with Rose McGowan, Elijah Wood and Lance Bass.

Below THR counts some of the tidbits the stars revealed.

Wood said he still has The One Ring from The Lord of the Rings and that Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones are among his favorite TV shows. He also shared his thoughts on whether The Hobbit or Lord of the Rings films should be viewed first: "It works both ways, actually. However, you may appreciate the bookends more with the context of the Lord of the Rings trilogy."

If he weren't acting, Wood said he's "always been drawn to photography," though he'd probably still be in the film business in some form.

"I can't imagine not working in cinema in some capacity. I'd love to direct and I'm loving producing," said Wood.

Rose McGowan keeps in touch with her Charmed costars, "mostly through social media," she said in her chat.

McGowan's favorite projects include her short film Dawn. "Also, Planet Terror came out well. Jawbreaker makes me laugh and Scream was cute," she says.

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Mike C. Manning, star of Disney's Cloud 9, brought the doc Kidnapped for Christ to Slamdance. He says Gladiator is the movie he can watch over and over, along with Dead Poets Society.

Lance Bass, also at Sundance with Kidnapped for Christ, said Anna Kendrick is a star he expects great things from.

"I think Anna Kendrick is just getting started … we haven't seen nothing yet!" he said.