Rose McGowan Felony Drug Case Headed to Grand Jury

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McGowan appeared in a Virginia court on Thursday afternoon.

Rose McGowan is one step closer to trial after a Virginia judge on Thursday declined to dismiss the felony drug possession charges against her. 

The actress turned herself in to authorities in November, after cocaine was discovered in a Chanel wallet that she left on a Jan. 20, 2017, flight to Washington Dulles International Airport. McGowan's attorneys have argued someone planted the drugs in her wallet after she left it behind. 

McGowan appeared in Loudon County Court in Leesburg, Virginia, during a Thursday afternoon hearing in which her attorneys attempted to convince judge Dean Worcester that she should be cleared of the charge.

Prosecutors called several witnesses to testify about what happened on the plane after it landed, when McGowan's Chanel wallet was discovered in the first-class cabin after passengers had departed the plane. A member of the cleaning staff discovered two baggies containing a white substance and the bags were handed over to the fire department and, later, to airport police who tested it and determined it was cocaine.

McGowan maintains her innocence and claims the drugs are part of a campaign to silence her and prevent her from speaking out about Harvey Weinstein. She was among the first to come forward with claims that he sexually assaulted her.

After hearing testimony and cross examination from the witnesses — which included two airline cleaning crew members, a police officer, a detective and members of the airport fire department — Worcester found there was sufficient evidence for the case to move forward to the grand jury. He scheduled a hearing for June 12.  

"Today was not about the defense's case," said McGowan's attorney Jessica Carmichael outside the courthouse. "We have strong evidence, a good case." 

Human rights attorney Jennifer Robinson also addressed the press following the hearing, making clear that McGowan claims there was no cocaine in her wallet when it was last in her possession.

"We are disappointed in today's outcome, but Rose will continue to fight this case and has faith in the justice system and in 12 citizens of Virginia to justly decide her case," she said. "Rose is a feminist whistleblower who spoke out about sexual abuse and harassment by one of the most powerful men in one of the most powerful industries in this country. It is a matter of public record that she has been the subject of a vicious vilification campaign at the hands of Mr. Weinstein. He hired ex-intelligence officers to infiltrate her life and undermine her credibility."

Rose’s only statement: “Once again, a beautiful day in Virginia."