Rose McGowan "Hijacks" Bipartisan Political Gala

Rose McGowan - H 2015 via AP Images

The controversial actress slammed the attendants at a No Labels event for being mostly white and not knowing the "real America."

Outspoken actress Rose McGowan "hijacked" a DC political gala aimed at fostering bipartisanism on Sunday, giving an impromptu speech and slamming the attendees who were mostly out-of-touch "old privileged white men."

McGowan was attending an event held by No Labels, an organization that seeks to bridge the divide between Democrats and Republicans. Invited as a guest, McGowan live-tweeted her plan to disrupt proceedings with a statement attacking the lack of diversity of those attending and slamming them for voting against "equal pay for woman," "against gay marriage" and voting "against their constituents' best interests."

CNN political reporter Sara Murray was at the event and described on Twitter how McGowan stood up, said her piece and then "stormed out." After the actress left, Murray later tweeted there was awkwardness all around and that "the organizers did not look pleased."

Later on Sunday, McGowan took to Facebook to explain why she took a stand (the full text of the post is below). In the post, she said she "fought back" and used her "voice" to call out politicians who are "comfortable phoning in these pandering, masturbatory speeches." 

The Charmed star is known for forthright views and willingness to air them on social media. In June, McGowan's comments criticizing the wardrobe requirements for an audition on an Adam Sandler film led to her being dropped by her agents. McGowan publicized the news on Twitter saying: "I just got fired by my wussy acting agent because I spoke up about the bullshit in Hollywood." 





McGowan's Facebook post. 

I hijacked a Republican & Democratic gala tonight. I fought back. After two hours of listening to old privileged white men discuss what Americans want without being integrated with any America that I know. These men, who VOTED DOWN EQUAL PAY FOR WOMEN, who VOTED AGAINST GAY MARRIAGE, and VOTED AGAINST THEIR CONSTITUENT'S BEST INTERESTS, we're so comfortable phoning in these pandering, masturbatory speeches- I knew I had to act. So I stepped the fuck up. After years of volunteering for candidates, and stumping for those who aren't standing for me... I took back my power. My power is my voice. Tonight I used my voice. My heart was racing, but I did it anyway. And I walked out with my fist held high.

The scene: At the end of a long night of listening to Joe Lieberman and Senator Lindsey Graham, and then about twenty other Uber white one percenter politicians, they decided to have the "celebrities" in the crowd stand up. We were the last people who had to be clapped for, it was out the door for these egos right after my asinine turn to be on display. I held my hand up straight in the air and REFUSED to put it down until I could speak. They weren't calling on me, but I think it may have been ex-senator Evan Bayh who said to let me speak. It may have been. I don't know, all the blood was rushing to my face and my heart was so loud in my ears. But I spoke. Oh boy did I speak.

Fuck. I went hard. Needless to say I have been DISinvited from the political hoopla happening tomorrow.

I had to.