Rose McGowan Leads Candid Discussion With 7 Sexual Assault Accusers

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"My beef is really with all of the people that are complicit," McGowan shared during a revealing discussion with women who have come forward with allegations against Louis C.K., John Hockenberry, Harvey Weinstein and President Trump, among others.

Harvey Weinstein accuser Rose McGowan led a discussion with seven women who have publicly come forward with sexual misconduct allegations against Hollywood figures and President Donald Trump. During the candid back-and-forth, which was filmed for New York magazine's The Cut on Dec. 12, the women addressed the challenges and consequences they've faced since speaking out.

McGowan, who has accused Weinstein of rape, began the discussion by asking about the level of fury each woman held. “I feel like for the longest time, we weren’t allowed to be furious. My God, shouldn’t we all be enraged? And not just the women in this room. But shouldn’t everybody be?” asked producer Kristen Meinzer, who has accused retired radio host John Hockenberry of sexual harassment.

“Just being angry is not enough,” added Trump accuser Jessica Leeds, to which McGowan responded that anger “propels [the] strength to keep fighting back.” Leeds, who publicly resurfaced her claims this month, has said that Trump groped her on an airplane in the late 1970s.

McGowan emphasized that the people she finds “most reprehensible” are those who she believes knew about the alleged behavior. “My beef is really with all of the people that are complicit,” said McGowan, later adding, “It is the first time in history women are being believed.”

McGowan has not shied away from calling out several Hollywood actors on social media. In recent weeks, she has taken to social media to accuse Ben Affleck, Amber Tamblyn and Meryl Streep of being complicit. Streep, who issued a response to McGowan, has since been targeted with "she knew" posters in Los Angeles.

Despite McGowan admitting that she does see change happening after the spark of the #MeToo movement, “There has to be outside voices criss-crossing and fighting for each other,” she said.

Meinzer mentioned that it’s difficult for women to speak up when “so much of how we’re taught to live in this world as women is to keep the peace, to smile, to try to giggle it off, to try and say, ‘That’s fine,’ when it doesn’t feel fine.”

After a second Trump accuser, Rachel Crooks, emphasized how this movement is a “marathon not a sprint,” McGowan quipped, “I have been playing a chess game for 20 years.” McGowan then said she hopes for the day when women can have ultimate freedom. “I just want us to stop being the walking wounded and be able to live a free life.”

Although all having spoken out, the women discussed their dislike for how their statements are being reported. “I would challenge the media to stop using the world ‘alleged.’ Stop it. Stop it,” McGowan said directly into the camera.

McGowan also called out “trolls” who ridiculed her for taking a settlement. “You know why I took a settlement? So, I could go to therapy and put myself back together. It didn’t work. I wanted and hoped and dreamed. I was trying to buy a billboard that said, 'Harvey Weinstein is a rapist.'"

Sharing similar sentiments, the women discussed the backlash they have received after speaking out, especially over being blamed for seeking settlements.

“I’m getting death threats and I’m getting ripped apart," Louis C.K. accuser Rebecca Corey revealed. "I’m getting all this free hate every single day and told that I’m a loser and this and that by telling the truth that he’s actually admitted to." Corey was one of four women to accuse C.K. of asking to or masturbating in front of them, behavior he admitted to.

"Why won’t they go after these guys?" asked Weinstein accuser Dominique Huett. Huett was the first of Weinstein's accusers to file a lawsuit.

"Because it’s 'bros before hos.’ That old line,” McGowan quipped.

Also present during the discussion were Suki Kim, the author of the Hockenberry exposé, and Weinstein accuser Mimi Haleyi. Watch the discussion below.