Rose McGowan Reveals More About Her Mysterious 'Tell-Tale Heart' Character (Exclusive Video)

The actress plays a role that is not from Edgar Allan Poe’s original story, and, as she tells THR, may not be real at all.

The haunting tale of a man who murders an old man, and then hides his body under his floorboards only to be driven insane by the sound of his still-beating heart has been adapted into an upcoming film starring Patrick John Flueger, Rose McGowan and Peter Bogdanovich.

Once of the most interesting aspects of the upcoming film is the addition of a new romance story, which McGowan’s character stars in. McGowan and Flueger spoke to The Hollywood Reporter in an exclusive interview about the film, which is being produced by Daniel Zirilli through Popart Film Factory & Leverage Entertainment.

FIRST LOOK PHOTOS: Rose McGowan, Patrick John Flueger in 'The Tell-Tale Heart'

"My character Ariel in The Tell-Tale Heart is someone who may or may not be real and acts accordingly,” said McGowan. “Ariel fits into the plot in a way that she is part of Patrick John Flueger's imagination but she might be real as well."

Flueger, who plays the lead in the film, most recently starred in Paramount’s Footloose.

“It's easy to be invited into the world that the directors is trying to create. Just taking all of those things in and try to run with it and hopefully it's working,” said Flueger.

McGowan, known for her roles in Grindhouse, Scream, Jawbreaker, The Black Dahlia and Charmed, has had a connection to the Edgar Allan Poe story since she was very young, it turns out.

“I read The Tell-Tale Heart when I was four years old and I became obsessed with it to the point where when I was little I would go around anytime I saw wood floors in Italy where I grew up, I would put my ears on the floor and scoot around listening for hearts,” she told THR. “And my parents, whose fault was that I read the story in the first place, were horrified and everyone made fun of them for letting me read Edgar Allan Poe but that's how I felt in love with them."

Director John La Tier’s adaptation is shooting in New Orleans. "I think that the city is definitely a character in The Tell-Tale Heart and I think if there is going to be a city with a heartbeat under the floorboards, I think New Orleans is going to be it,” added McGowan.