Rose McGowan's $5 Million 'Conan the Barbarian' Demand


The actress wanted a hefty sum to get into character on the film, opening Friday.

How much are Rose McGowan's eyebrows worth to her? 

Five million dollars apparently. 

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"The studio asked if I would shave my eyebrows and my hairline back to here, and I thought, 'Sure, if you give me $5 million,'" the actress, who plays evil sorceress Marique in Conan the Barbarian opening Friday, told Access Hollywood

So, instead, the character's extended forehead (or "10 head" as McGowan dubbed it) was created by the film's makeup artists. 

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"I sat from about two in the morning till around 7:30 in the morning," she said of the process, which included slicking back her natural hair and wearing a prosthetic piece that went over her eyebrows and back to the middle of her head.

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"I think she looks kind of majestic and amazing," added McGown of her character's distinctive look. "It really freed me up to be as kind of weird as i wanted to be. It was the only time I've ever actually had an ease with watching myself on screen, normally I cringe...cause it looked so unlike me. "