Roseanne Barr Is Running For President

Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images

The comedian joins the Green Party's presidential race.

Turns out Roseanne Barr is serious about running for president.

On Thursday, the comedian revealed the news on Twitter, writing: "I am running for Green Party nominee for POTUS. I am an official candidate. I am4 the Greening of America&the world. Green=peace/justice."

According to the Los Angeles Times, Barr filed official paperwork with the Federal Election Commission on Jan. 25, thereby adding her name -- and star power -- to the panel of Green Party candidates including Kent Mesplay, Jill Stein and Harley Mikkelson. The nominee will be named at the Green Party Presidential Nominating Convention in July.

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"I want2 bring press attention 2 the Green Party-and speak at its convention. I want young people to know there is a new way for us to go," she wrote in a torrent of tweets, noting that she expected Stein to win the nomination and would support the physician and environmental-health advocate.

During an appearance on NBC's Tonight Show last August, Barr declared she would embark on a political campaign, explaining: "I'm totally serious 'cause I want to be part of the debates. I want to represent the taxpayers. I want to put the questions to the panel like, 'Where the hell did our money go?'"

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As a Green Party hopeful, she tweeted, her platform and order of business as a would-be president includes enacting a "Europeanstyle" health care system during her first 100 days in the White House and forgiving "all student loans and ALL HOMEOWNER DEBT AND ALL CREDIT CARD DEBT."

She recently voiced her support of the Occupy Wall Street movement and slammed this week's decision by the Susan B. Komen Foundation to cut funding to Planned Parenthood.