Roseanne Barr Presidential Campaign Doc in the Works (Exclusive)

Jayme Roy

Longtime Michael Moore collaborator Eric Weinrib is helming "Roseanne for President!" -- a behind-the-scenes look at the actress' 2012 bid to unseat President Barack Obama.

Roseanne Barr's 2012 U.S. presidential campaign is getting the big-screen treatment.

Writer, director and longtime Michael Moore collaborator Eric Weinrib is helming Roseanne for President! -- a behind-the-scenes documentary about the actress and her bid to unseat President Barack Obama.

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Barr announced her decision to run for president on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno in August 2011 and exactly one year later won the nomination of the Peace and Freedom Party. She appeared on the ballot in California, Colorado and Florida, racking up more than 65,000 votes to place sixth in the U.S. national popular vote. Weinrib, whose credits include Fahrenheit 9/11, followed Barr's gonzo campaign from its inception and gained access to her home, friends and family.

The documentary aims to illuminate how the system works by highlighting how it doesn't and poking fun at big-party politics along the way. Twenty-five years ago, Barr wrote and created a sitcom that changed the cultural landscape as well as depictions of family, class, race, gender and gay rights. Roseanne for President! showcases the comedian as simultaneously controversial, original and funny. With a majority of Americans saying that a third major party is needed, the film couldn't be more timely, the filmmakers said.

"I'm excited for audiences to see a side of Roseanne they've never seen before," Weinrib said. "What begins as a political journey becomes a raw and revealing portrait of a comedic icon."

Added Barr, "I'm thrilled that my campaign for common sense in government is finally being addressed. Audiences should now prepare for the fall of Babylon. You're welcome, world!"

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The film is in post-production and is expected to be finished within the year.

Weinrib's credits also include Sicko and Capitalism: A Love Story. His short film Jimmy Walks Away was acquired by Showtime and was included on Park City: The Sundance Collection, a DVD compilation of Sundance Film Festival award-winning shorts. Before working with Moore, Weinrib was a staff writer on Comedy Central's Stephen Colbert vehicle Strangers With Candy.

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