Roseanne Barr Says She Believes She's Been "Forgiven" After Controversial Tweet

In a live taping of Rabbi Shmuley Boteach's podcast at the New York Comedy Club, Barr also says she goes "up and down" on the ABC 'Roseanne' spinoff that will be proceeding without her.

Roseanne Barr said she believes she's been "forgiven" for her Valerie Jarrett tweet at a live podcast recording at the New York Comedy Club Thursday night. 

Earlier this year, the actress and comedian received backlash after tweeting racist remarks aimed at former Obama administration official Jarrett — which led to her firing from her eponymous ABC sitcom. Barr later argued that she believed Jarrett was white. 

The event, dubbed as "Barr'd," was hosted by Barr’s friend Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, to whom the actress granted her first interview in the aftermath of her controversial tweets for his podcast. During that conversation, she sobbed and expressed regret, saying, "I lost everything, and I regretted it before I lost everything."

About 20 minutes into the conversation, Boteach shared that he was "bothered" by his feeling that Barr wasn't forgiven for her tweet after her apology. "Well, I kinda think I am," Barr responded. When she left her house for the first few times after being fried from ABC, she says, "never in my career of 30-something years have I felt the love and support of people on the street that I do now." 

She added: "I think people in America are very forgiving, and I think if you put 30 years of what I've accomplished ... and you put it on a scale ... I think the balance is more toward the good."

When Barr first took to the stage, she exhibited an e-cigarette that she said Sean Hannity gave her during her appearance on Hannity, which also aired Thursday night, and intermittently smoked it during the conversation. Boteach introduced her as a "Jewish celebrity who takes her Jewishness very seriously." He added, "at whatever expense to your career."

Boteach then told the assembled audience that Barr didn't leave social media after ABC cancelled the Roseanne reboot because she wanted to utilize the platform "to advance the interests of the Jewish people," an assessment with which Barr agreed.

In the aftermath of her tweet about Jarrett, Barr said she was afraid to go outside and "hiding in my mom's basement," comparing her experience to The Twilight Zone. When Boteach asked her what she learned from the experience, she said, "I figured out that the voice of the Jewish people is always left out, that's what I thought."

Later Barr said the incident "did [break her heart], but it doesn't now." She added that during her time in her mother's basement she realized she had "given up responsibility for my own intellect" and then began to read "sanctioned news." While reading more diverse news sources, she says she thought to herself, "Man I was really stupid and wrong on that, I really swallowed it." 

Of Jarrett's response to Barr's tweet on The View on Wednesday, Barr had some harsh words. She said she invited Jarrett on Hannity, but that she didn't succeed "because she's into 'teachable moments,'" Barr said, referring to Jarrett's original response to Barr's tweet. Barr added, "I'm sorry, I'm such a bitch." 

"But you recognize you wronged her," Boteach then said.

"I recognized that she thinks I wronged her," Barr responded. "I'm sorry that anyone thought that was a racist tweet and not a political tweet." She added that she feels there needs to be healing between the African-American and Jewish communities. She added "it couldn't hurt" to try and reconstruct the Jewish and African-American relationship with Jarrett.

Barr also addressed the Roseanne spinoff, The Conners, that will be moving forward at ABC without her. "Well, I have mixed emotions and I go up and down with it. Sometimes I’m good with it sometimes I’m not; I’m human," she said. "I try to think positively and to afford even those who slander me, I try to treat them with human dignity, despite what they do to me. I’m sorry that it wasn’t important enough for [ABC] to call me and ask me what I meant [with the tweet]. I think, man, they lost a good friend, but I didn’t.”

When asked if the show will succeed without her, Barr replied, "Well it is going to be interesting to see a bunch of really privileged people who grew up in Hollywood writing for the working class," but added that she "doesn't wish anyone bad."

The comedian also said that she thinks ABC wanted to get rid of her before the incident. "It wasn’t my show and doing what I wanted. I think they had a plan for a long time. They cancelled it within 40 minutes ... I think they had been thinking, 'Christ she’s a pain in the ass woman.'"

Though Barr mentioned that her firing was a "harsh two months" on her soul, in the end, it brought her back to her "love for God."

Before the taping, New York Comedy Club owner Dani Zoldan defended the controversial comedian's appearance in an interview with The Post. “I sympathize with her on that front. That’s why I’m allowing this podcast. The liberal Upper West Side is not going to be OK with having her on their turf, but we’re a comedy club ... We don’t censor our comics.”

Apart from Barr, the comedy club has previously hosted figures such as Ann Coulter, Gavin McInnes and Milo Yiannopoulos, as well as filmmaker Michael Moore.

On the same day of Barr’s live podcast, the actress also appeared in her first TV interview with Fox News’ Sean Hannity.

Prior to the Hannity booking, Barr had teased a sit-down television interview on July 8, only to then change her mind and post a video to her YouTube channel 11 days later. "After a lot of thought, I decided that I won't be doing any TV interviews, too stressful & untrustworthy 4 me & my fans," she had explained of her decision on Twitter.

In the video released to her channel, only a little over a minute long, the comedian is seen smoking a cigarette as a producer talks to her from off camera. Visibly frustrated, Barr yelled that she was trying to talk about the Iran deal and Jarrett. Barr then looked right at the camera and screamed, "I thought the bitch was white!"

She followed that up with a second video that same day, where she claimed that she was fired for voting for Trump.

Listen to the full podcast below.