Roseanne Barr on Shortlist for Green Party Vice Presidential Nomination

The sitcom icon fell short in her quest to earn the top slot, but could be named number two this weekend.

Roseanne Barr may end up on the Green Party's ticket, after all.

The comedian and TV star launched her campaign for the left-leaning third party's presidential nomination in February, but despite her very public (and colorful) Twitter proclamations and national television appearances, she finished far behind Jill Stein in the delegate count. Still, star power counts for something, especially for independent parties, and with the Greens convening in Baltimore this weekend, Barr may play a big role.

Ben Manski, Stein's campaign manager, told The Washington Post that Barr is "one of the people who was on the short­list," for vice president, making it possible that Barr's scheduled speech is an acceptance speech.

If she gets the nod, she'll bring more attention to her pet issues: pot legalization, ending homeowner and credit card debt, cutting taxes and enacting healthcare for all.

Unfortunately, it would also mean that Barr could not run with her own VP choice, Willie Nelson.