Roseanne Roast: Jeffrey Ross Makes 'Dark Knight Rises' Shooting Joke

Comedy Central's Roast Roseanne Barr and Jeffrey Ross on Stage - H 2012
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Comedy Central's Roast Roseanne Barr and Jeffrey Ross on Stage - H 2012

The comedian, who was dressed as Joe Paterno, likened fellow roaster Seth Green to Colorado shooter James Holmes during the Comedy Central event.

On Saturday, Aug. 4, Comedy Central taped its annual roast, this year honoring comedian Roseanne Barr.

The event, which included roasters Jeffrey Ross, Ellen Barkin, Seth Green, Katey Sagal and Carrie Fisher, was tame overall, with many of the jokes focusing on menopause, weight and Roseanne’s infamously difficult personality.

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However, Ross let one joke rip that made the Hollywood audience gasp.

While talking about fellow roaster Green, Ross, who was dressed in a Penn State costume as Joe Paterno, made a joke about the recent Aurora, Colo., shooting in a movie theater.

“Seth, congratulations. This is actually a great night for you,” Ross said. “You haven’t gotten this much attention since you shot all those people in Aurora.”

Green has red hair like the alleged shooter, James Holmes.

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“I’m kidding,” Ross continued. “You are not like James Holmes. At least he did something in a movie theater that people remember!”

Ross isn’t the first comedian to attempt to joke about the July 20 shooting at a midnight screening of The Dark Knight Rises in Colorado. Dane Cook had previously made jokes, but later apologized.

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Before the show, Ross walked the red carpet dressed as the late Penn State football coach, with two young men by his side who were wearing only football helmets and towels.

He told The Hollywood Reporter, “If they’re offended by what they see, they can do what Joe Paterno did – look the other way.”

On June 22, 2012, Jerry Sandusky, the assistant coach, was found guilty on 45 charges of sexual abuse. Paterno died of complications from lung cancer on January 22, 2012.

An edited version of the Roast of Roseanne will air on Comedy Central on August 12, at 10 p.m. ET/PT.