Rossoblu Brings Classic Italian Recipes to Downtown L.A.

"When you’re in Italy, life revolves around the dining room table. I just want to recapture those moments I had growing up," chef Samson told Where Hollywood Eats.

For chef Steve Samson, his mission with Rossoblu is simple: to deliver the smells and flavors he had as a child during his summers in Bologna. Speaking with Where Hollywood Eats, Samson explained how spending his summers in Italy helped develop a passion for cooking.

“I would go spend my summers there with my grandparents and my Nonna would make pasta every morning,” he said. “When we’d go up to the mountains, my Nonna would cook and grill over an open fire. After cooking professionally for 15 years, I finally realized that’s the kind of food I want to cook.”

Located in the Fashion District of downtown Los Angeles, Rossoblu brings a special family touch with its dishes since Samson has been using his own family’s classic recipes. “A few of the recipes here are actually straight-up my mom’s or grandmother’s recipe,” he explained. “Mom's Minestra Nel Sacco in particular is my mom’s recipe. I haven’t changed it at all.”

At the end of the day, Samson just wants his dishes to remind guests of their family meals growing up. “I think the biggest compliment somebody could pay me after they had a meal here would be, ‘That’s just like what my grandmother used to make,” he said. “So that’s really what we’re trying to deliver with the food here.”